The Dressing Room Project goes to Brazil

We’re thrilled to have our first DRP Action Team registered in Brazil. Marjorie Vicente is a psychologist who works with people regarding conflicts about image. Her web site is

She’s been living in NYC and doing an internship at National Association for Eating Disorders (NEDA.) When Marjorie heads back to Brazil next month, she’s bringing The Dressing Room Project with her.

Marjorie has concerns about how advertisers focus on unattainable ideals of beauty. It is imperative to consider the limit of what is healthy, she says, and understand the real motivation for change.

2 thoughts on “The Dressing Room Project goes to Brazil

    • Marjorie Vicente says:

      Ola Amanda!
      Em primeiro lugar, fico muito feliz com o seu interesse! Acabei de postar uma novidade a respeito!
      Confira o post de hj!
      Um beijo!!!

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